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Hebi UHOO Participates In 2017 India International Rubber Exhibition

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Hebi UHOO Participates In 2017 India International Rubber Exhibition

January 19 - 21,2017 Hebi UHOO Rubber Chemicals CO.,LTD participated in India Rubber Expo which held in Chennai ,India. The fair is organized by All India Rubber Association,held alternatively in New Delhi Mumbai and Chennai every two years.It has been successfully held for eight sessions and enjoys a good reputation and brand influence.More than 550 exhibitors from 15 countries and regions including China, South Korea, Japan, the United States, Germany, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand attended the fair. There are national pavilions from China, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. There were 20 thousand professional visitors who come from over 20 countries and regions including Bangladesh, Australia, Brazil, China, Italy, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Thailand and Turkey.

UHOO participates this national rubber fair is mainly to exchange of learning and publicity.At this fair UHOO conducted close communication with foreign customers , got a deep understanding about the demand of downstream customers in India, and used the exhibition to propaganda and hand out product catalogue , to further enhance the company's visibility in the international market.

At the India International Rubber Exhibition, our company launched a number of green products, won the attention and praise from foreign customers .We will continue to work hard, let more foreign rubber industry friends understand UHOO and the green accelerators.

In the future,we will work together with new and old customers for common development under the strong trust and support.

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