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UHOO new materials hope to meet you in 2019 China rubber technology exhibition

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1,Exhibition: 2019 China rubber technology exhibition


2,Date: 2019.9.18--2019.9.20


3,Address:Shanghai new international expo center

2345 longyang road, pudong new area, Shanghai, China


4,Booth Number: 1B271


5,Company Profile

-established in 1996

-3 plants:

Hebi Yuanhao chemicals CO.,LTD

Hebi UHOO chemicals CO.,LTD

Hebi ZHONGHAO new materials technology CO.,LTD


-Located in the provincial chemical industrial park, complete procedures for safety and environmental protection

-2 provincial technical research center

-12 Products are registered through REACH

-The maker of national standard and industry standard for 15 products of rubber accelerator.


6,exhibition profile

-China international rubber technology exhibition has been held since 1998

-There are nearly 700 exhibitors in nearly 30 countries and regions with an exhibition area of more than 50,500 square meters

-The exhibits include Rubber machinery and equipment, rubber chemicals, rubber raw materials, tires and non-tire rubber products etc.

-The 19th China international rubber technology exhibition will be held simultaneously with the 18th China international chemical industry exhibition, the 22nd China international adhesives and seals exhibition and the 15th China international petroleum and chemical water treatment technology and equipment exhibition.It is expected that there will be more than 1600 exhibitors, 100,000 square meters of exhibition area and more than 100,000 buyers


7,Exhibition in last year:

-There were 29,658 audiences include 3,721 overseas audiences from 69 countries and regions

-There were 693 exhibitors include 188 overseas exhibitors from 24 countries and regions.

Non - tire rubber additives professional manufacturer

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