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Development history of rubber additives

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The first generation:

[1839-1904] the rubber additive products in these years are represented by inorganic vulcanization accelerator. The rubber industry has entered the era of inorganic vulcanization accelerator, but it also has problems such as low efficiency and poor vulcanization performance.


In1839,Discovery of vulcanization system

In1844,The inorganic vulcanization accelerator lead sub-carbonate was found

In1846,Discovery of foaming agent and chloride-sulfur cold cure method

In1904,Carbon black was found to be used in rubber


The second generation:

[1906-1980] the rubber additives in these years were represented by organic vulcanization accelerators, which were vulcanized by aniline. Oenslagar, a German chemist working in the United States, accidentally discovered them in an experiment in 1906.


1906-1908,discovery of organic vulcanization accelerator, thiourea accelerator aniline and CA

In1912,discovery of dithiocarbamate vulcanization accelerator

In1914,discovery of antioxidant

In1915,discovery of zinc alkyl xanthate accelerator

In1920,invention of accelerator M,invention of thiuram accelerators

In1922,invention of guanidine accelerator DPG

In1924,invention of antioxidant AH

In1928,invention of antioxidant A

In1931,invention of sulfonamide accelerator DIBS、CBS、NOBS

1930-1935,antioxidant  hydroquinone naphthol, p - phenylenediamine came out

In 1937,Invention of p-phenylenediamine antioxidant

In1940,invention of silane coupling agent

In1943, invention of  isocyanate adhesive

In 1960,invention of processing rubber 

In 1966,invention of Cohedur

In1969,invention of  antiscorching agent

In1970,Invention of triazine accelerator

In1980,invention of Manobond cobalt salt adhesive accelerator


The third generation:

1980 to present:during this period,the main characteristics of rubbers are environmental protection and multifunction


1980-1981,development of the rubber accelerator NS

In 1985,launch of the environment-friendly accelerator MTT

1991 to present,development and application of environment-friendly nitrosamine-free auxiliaries such as thiuram, sulfonamide, zinc salt accelerator, vulcanizing agent and  antiscorching agent. The invention in succession of ZBPD、TBSI、CBBS、TBzTD、TIBTD、ZDIBC、OTTOS、ZBEC、AS100 etc

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