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  • SummaryIt has been reported recently:Affected by the global economy and demand, as well as the tariff imposed by the United States on China, the share of export of rubber accelerators in China from January to June 2019 exceeded 60%, but the export volume declined compared with the same period last y


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  • The first generation:[1839-1904] the rubber additive products in these years are represented by inorganic vulcanization accelerator. The rubber industry has entered the era of inorganic vulcanization accelerator, but it also has problems such as low efficiency and poor vulcanization performance. In1


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  • ※ Review 2017:Rubber chemicals tight prices, no doubt became the main theme! This theme of the rubber chemicals industry runs through 2017 as one of the top 10 news stories for the rubber industry in 2017 in China.※ News detailed report:2017 China Rubber Industry Top 10 News No. 3: Rubber chemicals


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Non - tire rubber additives professional manufacturer

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