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Good News | Uhoo Group Won Two Municipal Honors

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In order to promote the healthy development of the fine chemical industry in Hebi City and promote the training of professional talents,the first "Hebi Talent Festival" series of activities - China Fine Chemical Industry (Hebi) Development and Reform Forum was held in Heshan District on the afternoon of May 19, 2022. The forum invited Zhang Liqun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and vice president of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Wu Weidong, secretary-general of the Rubber and Plastics Green Manufacturing Committee of the Chemical Society of China, and Wang Yandong, secretary-general of the Rubber Additives Committee of the China Rubber Industry Association. Mr. Zhang Zhiliang, the company representative and chairman of Uhoo New Materials Group (Uhoo), made a wonderful speech at the forum.

The chairman introduced Uhoo's business scope, production capacity and output and then focused on the future development and investment of Uhoo, as well as increasing the training, introduction and reserve of technical talents, and impressive results have been achieved.

Uhoo won two municipal honors at this forum after the evaluation of the three-year action plan of Hebi City's "Xinghe Gathering Talents". Li Hongliang, chief engineer of Yuanhao Chemical Technology Research Center, was selected as "High-level Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents" in Hebi City, and Uhoo's rubber additives new materials R&D team was selected as "Technical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team" in Hebi City.

Planting the sycamore trees and attracting phoenixes, the Central Talent Work Conference established the strategic position of talents leading development, and put forward the development requirements of "building a large number of first-class scientific and technological leaders and innovative teams, and creating a large-scale young scientific and technological talent team". Uhoo will actively respond to the call of the central government, attach importance to talents, cultivate talents, make good use of talents, deeply cultivate the field of fine chemicals, and strive to create a century-old enterprise with green and sustainable development and innovative vitality.


Non - tire rubber additives professional manufacturer

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