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Good News∣Yuanhao Chemical Won the 2021 "Hebi Mayor Quality Award"

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On January 12, 2022, the results of the 2021 Hebi Mayor Quality Award were announced. Hebi Yuanhao Chemical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hebi Uhoo Group, won the 2021 "Hebi Mayor Quality Award". "Hebi Mayor Quality Award" won by Yuanhao Chemical in 2021 who was standing out from many remarkable enterprises is the recognition and affirmation of Yuanhao Chemical's quality management system and standardized management by the Hebi Municipal Government.

The selection of the 2021 Hebi City Mayor Quality Award was organized and carried out in accordance with the "Hebi City Mayor Quality Award Management Measures". A total of thirteen companies and units have submitted applications, undergoing procedures such as qualification examination, expert review, jury deliberation, public notice, and the municipal government’ standing meeting study, and five of them were finally selected and won the 2021 Hebi Mayor Quality Award and Nomination Award.

The Hebi Mayor Quality Award, the highest honor of quality in the city, is selected every two years. In principle, the number of award units each time shall not exceed 3, and the number of nomination awards shall not exceed 2. Up to now, a total of nineteen units in the city have won the Hebi Mayor Quality Award, and thirteen units have won the Nomination Award. The awarded enterprises played the leading role of quality model, and fueled the development of high quality city of Hebi, which has contributed to the high quality development of the city’s economy and society by driving organizations in all walks of life to strengthen their quality management, enhancing quality competitiveness, and improving quality level.

In the future, Hebi Uhoo Group will continue to take the ideology that "serving the rubber industry wholeheartedly" as its mission, focusing on the non-tire rubber additive industry. The craftsmanship spirit that "carefulness, refinement, proficiency, competitive products" will be implemented into the whole process of quality controlling, according to the quality concept of "explosive products, stability, and applicable", which makes product quality the cornerstone of enterprise development, and contributes to industry upgrading and social development!


Non - tire rubber additives professional manufacturer

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