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Hebi UHOO Participated In 2017 Latex Industry Technology Forum In Chongqing

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Hebi UHOO Participated In 2017 Latex Industry Technology Forum In Chongqing

CRIA latex branch on 23-25 August ,2017 held the latex industry technology forum and information conference in Chongqing ,hundreds of people attend this conference who come from rubber products and its upstream and downstream enterprises all over the country .

As the support enterprise of this conference,Hebi UHOO actively participated in the activities organized by CRIA latex branch,and a report on the application of  PX and new accelerators to latex was presented at the conference by UHOO.At the platform provided by CRIA latex branch,UHOO and delegates actively exchange and learn from each other.
2017 is the key year for the 13th Five-Year Plan,in order to promote technological innovation and technological progress in the latex industry and speed up product structure adjustment and industrial upgrading, the theme of this conference is: "Cleaner Production,Intelligent Transformation and Healthy Development". The experts, professors and scholars in the relevant research institutes and universities in China published scientific research and academic papers, and studied the main product standards of the industry. Some professional companies issued the latest applications and technology information at the meeting , which relate to the domestic and foreign new materials, coating materials, environmental protection, water paint curing agent, curing bag, high mold cleaning agent, surface active agent, polyurethane emulsion, synthetic latex, new packaging materials and the production of automated packaging equipment, automatic stripping equipment.

Hebi UHOO launched some environmentally friendly accelerators for latex , added up vitality to the latex conference.In recent years, the company clings to the industry hot spot, and actively promote environmental protection, innovation, win-win concept, for the development of China's latex industry to contribute their part.Thanks for the support and trust from the friends of rubber industry,in the future,UHOO will work together with old and new friends for our common development .
Wish this latex conference a complete success !

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