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Product Name MB (MBI)
Chemical Name 2-Mercapto benzimidazole
Molecular Formula MB (MBI)
CAS No. 583-39-1
Molecular Weight 150.19
Item Standards
Product Form Powder
Appearance White
Assay (%) ≥ 98.0
Loss on Drying % (≤) 0.4
Ash % (≤) 0.4
Residue on 63μm Sieve % (≤)


Residue on 150μm Sieve % (≤) 0.1

◆ UHOO MB is used as antioxidant for natural rubber, diene synthetic rubber and latex. UHOO MB can also be used for polyethylene.

◆ UHOO MB not only has the protective efficacy for Oxygen, atmospheric aging and static aging, but also has more effective protection for copper and overcome the adverse effects of the products over vulcanization.

◆ UHOO MB can be used alone, but also used with other antioxidants (such as DNP, AP and other non-polluting antioxidants). UHOO MB is easy to disperse in rubber, do not discoloring in the sun, and has a lttle pollution. When used alone, the amount of UHOO MB is usually 1-1.5 phrs; when the amount is more than 2 phrs, it will be bloom. In the latex foam rubber, the amount of UHOO MB is 0.5 phrs. Because of bitter taste, UHOO MB can not be used in food contact rubber products.

Kraft paper bag 25 kg
Validity 24 months
Package color code ■ Grey

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