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Rubber Chemicals Sustained Increase In 2017, The Highest Rate Up To 70%!

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Rubber Chemicals Sustained Increase In 2017, The Highest Rate Up To 70%!

The first three quarters of 2017 rubber chemicals sustained increase and the highest reached 70%.The first quarter price increased was mainly affected by the capacity constrains of rubber chemical factory.But since the second quarter it had double impacts:raw materials and limited production.
◆Growth rate rankings
1.Rubber accelerators MBT(M) 70%
2.Rubber accelerators TMTD(TT) 60%
3.Rubber accelerators CZ, NS, DM, MZ, EZ, TS 30%-50%
Rubber antidegradants RD, Rubber antiscorching agent CTP.ect 30%-50%
4.Rubber antidegradants IPPD, 6PPD 10%-20%
Rubber vulcanizing agent DTDM 10%-20%

◆Late market
1.A variety of factors affect the rubber chemicals market in the short term.
The main factors affecting the rubber chemicals market are:important meetings,winter air control,limited production of rubber chemical plant,foreign purchasing season before Christmas,environmental tax collection in 2018.
2.Rubber chemicals industry re-integration.
The small factories of environmental non-compliance will continue to shrink capacity,while the large and medium-sized factories of good environmental management will gradually strong.
3.Lead the global development of rubber chemicals.
Global rubber consumption annual growth of 3% and it has long-term favorable to the healthy development of rubber chemicals industry. The industry leading enterprises and the enterprises which focus on long-term development will take advantage of the past two years market to concentrate on researches from environmental、safety、automation and quality.To create the 2025 of rubber chemicals industry,leading the global developing about rubber chemicals .

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