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Rubber Chemicals Tight Prices Rose in 2017 China Rubber Industry TOP 10 News

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※ Review 2017:

Rubber chemicals tight prices, no doubt became the main theme! This theme of the rubber chemicals industry runs through 2017 as one of the top 10 news stories for the rubber industry in 2017 in China.

※ News detailed report:

2017 China Rubber Industry Top 10 News No. 3: Rubber chemicals and carbon black and other materials tight prices rose.

In 2017, the prices of rubber chemicals, carbon black and other products have risen sharply, and the sources of supply have been tightened. As a result, the stable supply of raw materials has become the top priority for rubber products manufacturers such as tires. Environmental issues are the main reasons for rising raw material prices: First, the raw materials’ prices of carbon black and rubber chemical are soaring, and tight supply, which not only push up the production costs of additives and carbon black, but also affect the stable supply of products; Second, A number of non-compliance of environmental protection companies stop production, and there are some companies affected by environmental inspectors have been discontinued limited production, such as a lot of rubber chemicals and carbon black leading enterprises are concentrated in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei surrounding areas; Third, In a more environment-friendly environment, companies have invested heavily in environmental governance funds,which raising the cost of production; Fourth, some places have increased the standards based on the environmental indicators in national standards, which leading to further increase environmental costs of business.

※ Analysis of rubber chemicals into the top 10 News reason:

1. The price is not stopped all the way up, which attract the eye.

2. No goods even with more money.

3. Sometimes in stock, sometimes out of stock, which is unpredictable.

4. Long-standing environmental impact, which makes the industry worried.

These factors directly affect the downstream tire-based various types of rubber products industry, which has direct impact on their production, costs, supplier management. These factors affect more industries, with a long time of influence, so it is not surprising into the rubber industry TOP 10 news.

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