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Product Name SDD
Chemical Name Sodium dimethyldithiocarbamate
Molecular Formula Formamide Sodium (SDD)
CAS No. 128-04-1
Molecular Weight 179
Item Standards
Product Form Crystal Powder Crystal Powder Liquid
Appearance White or light green White or light green Light yellow,slight ammoniacal smell
Assay % () 95.0 90.0 40.0
Free Alkali % (≤) 0.5 0.5 0.4
PH Value 7.5-11.5 7.5-11.5 9.0-12.0
Specific Gravity (D20) 1.17-1.19
Insolubles (mechanical impurities) %


None None

◆ UHOO SDD is used as vulcanization accelerator for rubber products, terminating agent for latex polystyrene butadiene rubber, styrene butadiene latex, industrial waste water treatment agent, industrial bactericide, mining ore dressing agent, lubricant additive, metal precipitant and agricultural pesticide, etc. It is intermediates of the bactericides Thiram, Ferbam, Ziram, Sankel.

◆ UHOO SDD is mainly used in chemical industry, sugar industry, paper industry, etc.

Kraft paper bag or drum 25 kg/bag 25 kg/bag 200 kg/plastic drum
Validity 24 months 24 months 24 months

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Non - tire rubber additives professional manufacturer

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