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Product Name TBTD
Chemical Name Tetrabutylthiuram disulfide
Molecular Formula


CAS No. 1634-02-2
Molecular Weight 408.74
Item Standards
Product Form Liquid Powder
Appearance Dark brown oily Light yellow
Assay % (≥) 98 65-70
Initial Melting Point ℃ (≥)
Loss on Drying % (≤) 1.5 5
Ash % (≤) ≤0.3 30.0-40.0
Residue on 63μm Sieve % (≤)
Residue on 150μm Sieve % (≤)
Vulcanization speed Speeding

◆ UHOO TBTD has been developed as a super accelerator for NR and SR. The freezing point of HOO TBTD is 20 ℃, below 20 ℃ it is solid. Relative density of UHOO TBTD is 1.05-1.10g / cm3.

◆ UHOO TBTD also be used as the vulcanizing agent, the effective sulfur content is 7.5%.

◆ Together with ETU, UHOO TBTD has the role of retarding vulcanization for the W-type CR. Together with diamyl dithiocarbamate lead, UHOO TBTD can be used in EPDM.

◆ UHOO TBTD can be used to manufacture inner tubes, rubber shoes, tape, industrial products. In the compound, UHOO TBTD has the role of antioxidants, and also improve the anti-aging properties of vulcanized rubber. For the dry rubber, UHOO TBTD is usually only as the second accelerator.

◆ UHOO TBTD is good active agent for thiazole accelerator. As the accelerator for NR or SR, general dosage: 0.2-1.0 phr.; As the curing agent, general dosage: 2.0-6.0phr.

Kraft paper bag or drum Powder 25 kg, Liquid 200 kg
Validity 12 months
Package color code 

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