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Product Name TBzTD  Green
Chemical Name Tetrabenzylthiuram disulfide
Molecular Formula TBzTD environmental protection
CAS No. 10591-85-2
Molecular Weight 542.78
Item Standards
Product Form Powder
Appearance Light yellow
Initial Melting Point ℃ (≥) 128.0
Loss on Drying % (≤) 0.3
Ash % (≤) 0.3
Residue on 63μm Sieve % (≤) 0.5
Residue on 150μm Sieve % (≤) 0.1
Vulcanization speed Speeding

◆ UHOO TBzTD has been developed as a safe secondary amine accelerator.

◆ N-Nitrosodibenzylamine is not carcinogenic, according to published literature.

◆ UHOO TBzTD is a fast curing primary or secondary accelerator in NR SBR and NBR applications. In EPDM, UHOO TBzTD is a valuable secondary accelerator (booster).

◆ In mercaptan modified polychloroprene vulcanized with ETU, UHOO TBzTD acts as a scorch retarder without affecting the cure speed.

◆ UHOO TBzTD has longer scorch times when compared to TMTD.

◆ UHOO TBzTD is non-staining and non-discoloring.

Kraft paper bag 25 kg
Validity 12 months
Package color code ■ Dark Blue

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Non - tire rubber additives professional manufacturer

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