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UHOO Participated the 18th Annual China Rubber Conference

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The 18th Annual Meeting of China Rubber Industry Association was held in Qingdao on March 22, 2023. China Rubber Annual Conference is the largest annual international rubber conference hosted by China Rubber Industry Association. Since it was first held in 2006, it has been successfully held for 17 times. Supported by the government and various industry associations,the conference has become an influential annual event in China's rubber industry.UHOO participated this conference.

The theme of this annual conference,"Expanding domestic Demand, Maintaining Steady Growth and promoting New Development", Nearly 1000 professionals from the government, industry associations, tire and non-tire rubber products, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, futures, rubber compound, latex, waste rubber, carbon black, white carbon black, additives, skeleton materials, rubber machinery, mold, testing equipment and other rubber upstream and downstream related enterprises attended the conference. During this conference, the special Committee of Rubber auxiliaries of China Rubber Industry Association also organized and held the 15th Board of Directors. In 2022, China's rubber auxiliary industry still achieved good achievements despite extremely difficult conditions, with the total industrial output value increasing by 10% year-on-year.

At this annual conference, Mr. Xuji, an expert engaged in rubber auxiliaries research for a long time, cooperated with Hebi UHOO New Materials Co., LTD and other experts and scholars, co-edited another new book in rubber auxiliaries industry"New Process of rubber Auxiliaries Preparation", which was made a grand recommendation for the new book by Wang Yandong, secretary-general of rubber Auxiliaries Special Committee of China Rubber Industry Association. This book contains 253 rubber auxiliaries in use in China, the chemical name, CAS number, English name, molecular formula, relative molecular weight, structural formula, physical and chemical properties, quality index, application, storage of these products are generally introduced, and the preparation method of each product, especially the new preparation process is described in detail. It can be used for reference by researchers engaged in the preparation of rubber auxiliaries or research in related fields, teachers and students of related majors in universities.


Non - tire rubber additives professional manufacturer

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