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Which Recommendations Do The Tire Companies Make to The Rubber Chemicals Industry in 2018?

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In the recent "Rubber Chemicals Market Information Exchange Conference" organized by the Association of Rubber Chemicals, the tire and rubber chemicals industry conducted in-depth exchanges. The contents of the exchange mainly covered the supply and demand of rubber chemicals market, requirements of the rubber chemicals market, the impact of environment and raw materials on rubber chemicals, and rubber chemicals industry in-depth high-level cooperation and so on. The participants of tire enterprises, they expressed the three major issues most concerned about:

1. Procurement requirements for rubber chemicals suppliers

◆ Hope to purchase cost-effective rubber chemicals products.

Rubber chemicals in the tire production is small but paly an important role. In the tight supply market situation, the tire companies are more concerned about the stable supply of high quality rubber chemicals to provide products, the attention of price is not high before.

◆ Worry about out of stock,it should increase the communication of emergency information.

Rubber chemicals are basically main producing in the "2 +26" areas, and the region is the focus of environmental supervision, and environmental emergencies easily lead to the rubber chemicals plant out of production, and the tire businesses are more concerned about the rubber chemicals plants how to do not affect by the environment and continued the supply.

Rubber chemicals plant, when in the face of environmental protection, safety and other emergencies, it is necessary to immediately communicate with the tire business. It should inform the stop production, and the production time to the tire business to improve the transparency of information for the tire business to deal with.

2. Hope to establish the long-term cooperation with rubber chemicals plants 

◆ Establish the strategic partnership.

Tire companies are now going to cooperate with rubber chemicals plant and work together to help rubber chemicals and tire industry. The upstream and downstream should always communicate and work together to cope with market problems.

◆ Willing to cooperate deeply with the rubber chemicals factory to ensure long-term stable supply.

Tire companies are willing to cooperate with the rubber chemicals plant in fund, research and development, product applications, and many other aspects to promote the simultaneous development of both industries.

3. Hope rubber chemicals industry association cooperate to do some work

Tire manufacturers also made some good suggestions to the Association of Rubber Chemicals, for example, certifying some industries in terms of capacity, output, environmental protection and innovation capability of rubber chemicals factories and awarding outstanding suppliers of rubber chemicals.

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