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Product Name ZBPD (ZDBP)  Green
Chemical Name zinc O,O,O',O'-tetrabutyl bis(phosphorodithioate)
Molecular Formula

ZBPD (ZDBP) environmental protection

CAS No. 6990-43-8
Molecular Weight 548.07
Item Standards
Product Form Liquid Powder
Appearance Amber transparent Light white
Assay % 73.0-77.0
Sulfur Content % 22.0-24.0
Zinc Content% 11.0-13.0
Methanol Insoluble % 23.0-27.0
PH Value ≥4
Vulcanization speed Super Speed Class

◆ UHOO ZBPD is a rapid adjuvant for NR and EPDM, and UHOO ZBPD has a significant anti-reversion effect in NR.

◆ UHOO ZBPD is not bloom, with fast curing speed and low cost. UHOO ZBPD has no amine structure and can be used in sulfurized systems without nitrite production.

◆ UHOO ZBPD is regulated for use in articles in contact with food as specified under BgVV. Recommendation XXL, Category 4. UHOO ZBPD is not regulated for use in FDA food contact applications.

◆ General dosage: 1-4 phr.

Kraft paper bag or drum Powder 25 kg, Liquid 200 kg
Validity 18 months
Package color code

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Non - tire rubber additives professional manufacturer

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