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Product Name ZEPC (PX)  Green
Chemical Name Zinc ethylphenyldithiocarbamate
Molecular Formula ZEPC (PX) Environmentally Friendly
CAS No. 14634-93-6
Molecular Weight 458.02
Item Standards
Product Form Powder
Appearance White to light yellow
Initial Melting Point ℃ (≥) 205.0
Loss on Drying % (≤) 0.3
Zinc Content % 13.0-18.0
Residue on 63μm Sieve % (≤) 0.5
Residue on 150μm Sieve % (≤) 0.1
Vulcanization speed Super Speed Class

◆ UHOO ZEPC has been developed as a safe ultra speed accelerator, with better antiscorching ability when used with UHOO MBTS. This product vulcanization critical temperature is low, the activity is higher than the thiuram. In the range of 80-125℃, UHOO ZEPC is suitable for NR, SBR and other types of rubber vulcanization.

◆ Especially for latex vulcanization, in the storage process, UHOO ZEPC has little effect to latex viscosity. No pollution, No color changing, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, UHOO ZEPC can be used to make the food contact latex products and transparent and color products, medical products, latex model products, impregnated products, latex sponge, and so on.

Kraft paper bag 25 kg
Validity 24 months
Package color code

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Non - tire rubber additives professional manufacturer

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